Crossroads where the electronics meets, the Song of author and the deep blues. Laptop, electric guitars and synth, in the musical shiphyard PINGUINO (AKA Penguin) are encountered lyricism and electricity. The duo from Torino is composed by Stefano Amen,iconoclast singer-songwriter and Alberto Moretti alias Mr.Crudo(Mr. Raw)
Polyhedrical strumentalist, creative all around, are meeting together and merge various stuffs and influences always under the aegis of electronics that has fed them in the course of their lives, from Kraftwerk to Thomas Brinkmann. ROCKIT reviewed them thus: “To Be Dadaist today, deform the reality, the voices, humanity and turn it in the sharp and bare notes. Become ruthless observers, in decadence of our metropolis, the gloominess of our roads, freezing the air we breathe ” Their MUSIC soon will change the fate of humanity.

I know personally Stefano and Alberto(AKA Mr.Crudo) they are person of substance and in my microworld they have change my life and fate.May be Famous and Happy.

Pinguino is an italian rock band formed in Turin. The signature Pinguino sound combines electronic music, blues and songwriting. Performing with laptops, electric guitars and synthesizers Pinguino presents a very absorbing and dancing live performance.
The group consists in Stefano Amen and Alberto Moretti both heavily influenced by one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music: The Beatles. They are about to release the first Pinguino’s album in which the two musicians play with different genres from pop ballads to psychedelic rock in innovative ways.
PINGUINO’s official profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.


This is my homage to a great Director of Photography,Dante Spinotti AIC ASC ,he’s the one of few reason that I start to trust in the power of images, learning to watch and apply that in my passion for photography. Cinematography is one of greatest and important aspect of film industry(with the Editing) and I really love this world, is a sort of Enthusiasm that will never fade! Enjoy !