Street Photography Awards 2017 – Lensculture



TORINO ITALY , JULY 2016 Samsung S6 920F f 1.9 ISO 50 1/100



“..Sponsored by the City of Turin and Skira editore, the exhibition will be held at GAM – Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea of Turin, whose long-standing collaboration with the Musée d’Orsay has made it possible to bring forty of Monet’s masterpieces to the Piedmont capital..”




La Pie [La Gazza]

La Pie [La Gazza]






Phot’Out – My first solo exhibition


Thanks to Phot’Out association I’m heading for my first solo exhibition,Located in to a Torino’s civic Library Ginzburg ; This Will start in July and will continue for several weeks (7 July Official Opening – 26 July Closing)
The exhibit will focus about my idea of Cinematic photography with a keen eye on technology not too niche and tests, I will present some prints of personal interpretations of reality that surrounds me, some about Bokeh’s Photography some other focusing on a form of abstract photographs, many of them obtained with the beauty of a classic Pentax lenses smc high brightness on digital Pentax slr camera , others with bridge as Panasonic Lumix ; every stills would focuse on the ability to compose and shoot images of strong cinematic influence(doesn’t care if people,street or national geographic look alike) and some others winks to the painter Ed Hopper.


THE KEEP Self-made Trailer

La Fortezza Presentazion Quazza
Thanks to a good friend ,I will set a  show in to University of Torino for DAMS[DRAMA ART AND MUSIC STUDIES] students ,20 May 2014 14.30 @ Laboratorio Quazza (EVENT) ,so This is I guess,my latest thing, about THE KEEP.. after this great post named  Alex Thomson Caretaker of Vision 

Enjoy my self-made trailer.. I used the last part from Tangerine Dream Dominion’s Logos and I it fit perfectly.

Tff Torino Film Festival 2012




I had the pleasure to meet Matteo in his home (Villa Ormea Torino)around September 2010,collateral to a grateful cosmic summer’s event(Agnese‘s meet).I loved the moment I loved the man,he’s emphatic, greater than life,he is the temerarious of the sincerity. He is a singer songwriter,a sort of Fred Buscaglione meets Giorgio Conte & since first minutes I have detect some emotional instability in to him as par as the nitroglycerin but due this clue I have undersatand how great he is and from where his songs coming from.I never ask him many things,just played cards with him,had dinner with him ,wished merry xmas,slept over in his house,photographed him and follow his concerts and I felt since first time he singing(speak) from experience and that’s  for me is a wonderful journey.So,speaking of journey ,  I love his extraordinary first Album EZIO, with an amazing smart cover,produced by K-Brothers Collective after 5 years of important things and meets,the credits included some great collaboration as genius Mr. Hairi Vogel(synth,electic guitar,Super Collider,noise),MaX Laredo(double-bass),Giuseppe Pepperino Leone(drums-guitar mandolin),Sol Ruiz-Gaia Mobilj-Carlos Cid Condoritos(choirs),Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu(additional electric guitar),Frankie Partipilo(drums,tenor sax),Cora e Maya Pennachietti(additional orchestra).My favourite tracks are Boccuccia,Un po per i tuoi occhi ,Grigio and Così ,each time I listen these songs I’m envisioning him walking to me speaking,smiling and kidding and that’s cool.Enjoy his music, highly recommended!


Crossroads where the electronics meets, the Song of author and the deep blues. Laptop, electric guitars and synth, in the musical shiphyard PINGUINO (AKA Penguin) are encountered lyricism and electricity. The duo from Torino is composed by Stefano Amen,iconoclast singer-songwriter and Alberto Moretti alias Mr.Crudo(Mr. Raw)
Polyhedrical strumentalist, creative all around, are meeting together and merge various stuffs and influences always under the aegis of electronics that has fed them in the course of their lives, from Kraftwerk to Thomas Brinkmann. ROCKIT reviewed them thus: “To Be Dadaist today, deform the reality, the voices, humanity and turn it in the sharp and bare notes. Become ruthless observers, in decadence of our metropolis, the gloominess of our roads, freezing the air we breathe ” Their MUSIC soon will change the fate of humanity.

I know personally Stefano and Alberto(AKA Mr.Crudo) they are person of substance and in my microworld they have change my life and fate.May be Famous and Happy.

Pinguino is an italian rock band formed in Turin. The signature Pinguino sound combines electronic music, blues and songwriting. Performing with laptops, electric guitars and synthesizers Pinguino presents a very absorbing and dancing live performance.
The group consists in Stefano Amen and Alberto Moretti both heavily influenced by one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music: The Beatles. They are about to release the first Pinguino’s album in which the two musicians play with different genres from pop ballads to psychedelic rock in innovative ways.
PINGUINO’s official profile including the latest music, albums, songs, music videos and more updates.