About me

Hi My name is Fabio Pirovano from Cigliano North Italy,more precisely I live near Torino( XX Winter Olympic site). I don’t really know who care about my passions into cinema industry (expecially cinematography – music) and photography but I’m doing that beacuse I really love that worlds.I would ask sorry to professional crews,I’m totally a profane ,just Audience,just a long-term/Die Hard American Cinematographer’s Subscriber, in fact my actual job is trying to teaching drive’skills to my pupils,since 2007 I’m a certified driving school instructor  so I’m here in wordpress just because could be a good place for build a turning point ,free and sharing my passions.Please leave a sign on my page,I would appreciate a lot,thanks!

Photo by © Fabio Pirovano All Rights Reserved
No Copying or Duplication
Without Written Permission
Thank You!

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