Bright 2K10

This is my best wish to all of you,may be a bright 2010 so bright that you need sunglasses for stepping in to your life

Happy Holidays

Here comes Holidays,Cigliano has its snow and chill
(past week at -10°C)
…and that’s enough for a good Xmas background

I’m not sliding over something but this following video and this NEW PATH TO HELICON PT I by my beloved Mogwai(from 1996-2003 BBC Government Commission’s Album) really score my lastest feelings …today I’m feel optimistic

Anyway If somebody ask me to the secret of Happiness my answer is one,Good Music,Health and Friends…the best gift that I can recive,but in case you got some bucks to spend in to one of most compact dslr – like camera,for satisfy you desire of images, please check this device from Samsung,got one under my Xmas tree,and seems a great tool