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From L.A. Times

Michael Mann: The inside scoop on ‘Public Enemies’

Jun. 15 2009

“If you sit in row J at the Zanuck, you’ll find yourself in the perfect mean, the center of the bell curve for every theater in America,” he told me the other day, camped out in his Santa Monica offices, surrounded by memorabilia from decades of his work, which includes a host of wildly compelling films and TV shows, including “Crime Story,” “Heat,” “The Insider,” “Ali” and “Collateral.” “If your film can play in row J, you’re in the heart of the zone,” he says. “I know some people that want to sit farther back, but that’s the worst place to sit. If you’re too far back, the surrounds are too large.”


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“…cause it’s got the kind of saturated chroma on right now,in this light that we’re looking to get.Do some variations in Exposure cause what we ‘re looking for is maximum chromatic saturation.”