End of troubled year,so Let me does some Random Considerations..If I’m not wrong somewhere(American Cinematographer Vol. 89 Issue 5 Kink and the City By Jon Silberg) I read that “my” DANTE SPINOTTI A.S.C-A.I.C for the feature DECEPTION used older Super Speed primes lenses over modern HD digital camera(at that times Panavision Genesis ) and modern primo lenses over classic super35 film camera like ARRI or Panaflex..so I used this tips,among the many that he does in every his interview, for my gear using classic/vintage Pentax SMC A Manual Focus lenses(50mm f 1.7- 50mm f 1.4) over my digital APS-C Pentax SLR and I get , sometimes with the beauty of some difficult, OUTSTANDING  results,working at 50mm full frame lenses(75mm if compared to Pentax APSC DSLR System 1,5x) ;last hardly I will pass to full frame ,not for my pocket ,my computer and skills.Check My Flickr

Then I was able to recover a 1984 RICOH XRP 35mm film camera mounting a Ricoh 50 mm lenses f 1.7 for understand what Quentin Tarantino and other great Directors are keeping alive in to cinema industry,the use of film,to be honest as just not pro in that days is quite a mess develop films and scan for obtain nice prints (prints on photographic paper/media is the where everything must go) however the organic feel is so fascinating ,and I could understand why they don’t quit it,but with my digital gears set as I mentioned before I can really deal the same great digital photographic meaning specially for see in to the darkness…

So less than any hateful Digital Intermediate speech I’m not telling that IF they had used ALEXA 65 with Vintage Ultra Panavision lenses they could achieve a better THE HATEFUL 8(Upgraded 2017: Dante Spinotti ASC AIC is Testing in Pre Prod for  Marvel’s Ant man and the Wasp  ALEXA 65 With Anamorphic and Sperhical Classic Lenses),because this feature under the great ROBERT RICHARDSON A.S.C. is shot at Anamorphic 65mm film format with Panaflex using tons of KW through a Classic Hollywood Lighting and is not like the REVENANT shot by the beloved EMMANUEL “CHIVO” LUBEZKI A.M.C-A.S.C (using Alexa HD cameras and classic Panavision Anamorphic C Series Lenses with ONLY available ambient-practical lighting),so these western movies are in to a great beautiful confrontation..however this is not my business,are just random thoughts for say in the media “fight” lenses could make really the difference and in this case Vintage Lenses Rules.


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