6 Months later I have had the lucky to became the owner of this Kodak bridge camera I can assure that I really love what I can handle in my hands throught my eyes, these follow lines be the right and proper.
100_1644(photo taken with red tshirt under sun light through white curtain)I’m A die hard supporter of Canon Powershot A series expecially A620,whom I shot 5000 thousand or more pictures…I loved the way to use flip monitor (very important thing)and the quality of lenses 35mm-140mm;I love CANON DIGIC II processor with 7.1 Mpx 1/1.8″ Type CCD sensor and the quality of the images that can obtain,with very low artifact feeling,I loved the amazing .AVI shots and the software Zoom Browser Ex and last but not the least I was happy to be wide also with a “narrow” 35 mm wide angle and that’s cool…
kodakSo due some unexpected events and long readings on net,my hardware’s turning point(read my Hardware’s Dream on this blog) felt over KODAK Z1012IS expecially for budget reason,the best quality price never meet before; among these things I was lucky to found other amazing features (expecially one,the outstanding 16:9 setting )that help me have no regrets if compared to A620.
With a 1/2.33″ 10.1 Mpx CCD sensor combined with KODAK Color Science Chip I love KODAK Z1012IS color saturation and the amazing 12x Schneider-Kreuznach Variogon aspheric all-glass lens 33mm-396mm build in to this model,I love the total controls on MANUAL mode(many f steps) and good bless the engineer that build the SMART Mode of this device;last but not the least I like the flexibility on power supply matter(All Lithium type with size AA – Klic 8000 or CR V3) and how many available shoots I have with this kind of batteries.
Wide angle 33mm is not so wide if I compared to the amazing KODAK P880 24mm but is far better thing than the “wide very barrel distortion” 28mm of Z1015 IS and wider than A620 35mm.The best ISO setting are 64 & 100,the images are such perfect,pictorial,I’m learing to use IS0 200,and I’m sure that grain look from ISO 400/800/1600 could be a good thing in any status.I’m just in a bridge world that could have its limits but I believe that this camera could be good way to express my potentials.Is a big fault doesn’t have develop this device,faling in craps as Z1015 and Z915,I never tested Z990 but I felt that we never reach this kind of quality,expressed by Z1012.

100_0790One of my best 16:9 lucky strike with z1012,sudden lighting during a storm catched coming out drunk from a pub during a windy stormy nite

Panorama Stitch Mode Amazing tool

æsthetics reflection

æsthetics means the critical reflection on art, nature and culture,so today I was sitting in to a barbershop’s lobby waiting for my turn and a magazine comes in my hands,when I opened the first pages fall over this masterpiece,I love call masterpiece something bring me in what I wrote at the beginning of these lines…

caja vital kutxa headquarters by architects mozas aguirre arquitectos 5
This specatcular building named CAJA VITAL and its tructure made by stainless steel is set in northeast area of Victoria Gasteiz(capital city of the province of Álava and of the autonomous community of the Basque Country in northern Spain);That  æsthetics construction is a local Savings Bank created by Eduardo Aguirre and Javier Mosaz arquitectos.
If the original concept say to identify this building as a live organism in movment,my first thoughts been quite different,I saw in my mind this structures as the ending parts of a sea cliff,enough for wrote some lines and evidence this amazing and inspiring location.