TASCHEN’s MICHAEL MANN by F.X.Feeney/Paul Duncan(Ed)

I spent almost 2 year of my flat life asking in to many italian bookstores about that book,and after many “What?”-“Dont Know”-“Who is?” finally today I get my italian copy released by F. X. Feeney an American writer and filmmaker,based in L.A.
This outstanding book edited by Taschen ,was released with full access to Michael Mann archives.
Since the first pages is like open a Pandora Vase where images(spectacular photos about productions) and readings are fighting for take room in my brain.It Start from Jericho Mile Till Miami Vice 2k6,including TV productions,focusing on Key Collaboartion with the photographer Gusmano Cesaretti,the native rumanian Editor Dov Hoenig and the italian Cinematographer Dante Spinotti

ISBN-13: 978-3822842645 ISBN-10: 3822842648
Younger I start to love his skills as director or “storyteller” watching MANHUNTER  and THE KEEP,were “above suspicions” times but since that I was sure to bet all my expectations and hopes over him , growing unconditional trust ,growing very fond of his rustproof films,never featureless films,now the Time has pay.He Is the only Director whom inspire my way to look at reality through my camera(and my eyes not only coverage matter),I feel to be on same page in what I see and I hear,feeling “familiar” in the stories or some situations he tell to us
This exhaustive work of art (book) help really us to understand the MAN beyond every other aspects,beyond the great AUTHOR that he is,perceiving here his wide knowledge about everything,life included, and that’s quite amazing because I don’t know if in my life I will have a chance to speak and shake hands with him.*

* 29 October 2011 Rome Film Festival Check my video


It was the winter of 2002,just bought VANILLA SKY DVD and I was watching the Prelude to a Dream’s section.

There was an amazing song play during this commentary ,that really stunned me,fortunately Cameron Crowe is one of that director that pay attention to details and was so great to include the Songs list used on the special sections of DVD.
That song were Mogwai ‘s Tracy (Kid Loco’s Playing With the Young Team remix) appears on the album Kicking a Dead Pig,all began from here,my first Mogwai’s album bought…
Since that moment everything become clear,their ability to communicate with music can have important application so “They Need more consideration from cinema Industry” became my motto,so at the end of the concert in Torino,Barrumba 1stFeb 2k4, wondering how many Guitar bags they had,I had the lucky to shake hands with Stuart and with my not so fluent english I try to explain how their music have tuned my heart and my mind,repeating my motto,Stuart look at me wondering as “Really?” or a friendly “Shut the fuckup” …anyway I was a little prophet because I was able give the right way to my “prayers”

FEATURED IN:ALL REAL GIRL 2003 David Gordon Green- WICKER PARK 2004 Paul McGuigan- WASSUP ROCKERS 2005 Larry Clark- THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY 2006 Duncan Roy-MIAMI VICE 2006 Michael Mann-THE FOUNTAIN 2006 Darren Aronofsky-ZIDANE 2006 Philippe Parrero Douglas Gordon-LES REVENANTS 2012 (Tv Series)-BEFORE THE FLOOD 2016 Fisher Stevens (Documentary)

This is my story about Mogwai ,They stunned my life with thier past as Superheroes of BMX,Burn Girl Prom Queen,Waltz for Aidan,2 Rights Make 1 Wrong,Sine Wave,New Paths To Helicon Pt I(BBC),Killing all The Flies,Kid Will Be Skeletons,Golden Porsche,StopComingtomyhouse(BBC),Auto Rock,Friend of The Night,Folk Dead 95,We’re no here,1% of Monster.NOW with The Hawk Is Howling we’re reach the TOP-NOTCH

Maybe my DNA Chain contain Mogwai sequence so I would express with my “limited editon” English some ideas of mine about this last album,I own of courese the Limited Edition,and soon the Vinyl, this edition have the Dvd including the Amazing short film

shot in ITALY during a summer Concert and it really deserve to be watched.
The Hawk is Howling’s cd have 10 outstanding Tracks,for almost 64 Minutes long,melodies with roots on strings,drums and analog keyboards and instruments born to be play very loud .
I’M JIM MORRISON I’M DEAD open greatly the album as always happen and make to a prelude to amazing BATCAT ,very heavy the B SIDE of We’re No here.
Peace of mind back with DAPHNE AND THE BRAIN, any of the Cure influences are very reminiscent here,but the ability to turn in unique something of obiuvs remain a Mogwai Trademark.
LOCAL AUTHORITY pull me in to a deeply state of dream about love,where pains that come from love are far to be dangerous.
Than It come THE SUN SMELLS TOO LOUD it opening to the Joy as happened with 2 Rights make one wrong,great track very sunny happy day.
KINGS MEADOW open with a piano bringing peaceful melody filled of great arrangements where you can lose the bearing.
I LOVE YOU I’M GOING TO BLOW UP YOUR SCHOOL despite the title keep is quietly but really remind me meaning of progressive post rock,really one of my favourite track!
SCOTLAND’S SHAME is one of most cinematic track never heard before,really outstanding track
Semi-off topic,As Michael Mann supporter and knowing his soundtracks I could say that start as Meltdown precursor(the Insider) turn in to Confrontation(Thief) and end as In-a-Gadda-da-Vida(Manhunter)/The Promentory(Last of Mohicans)..don’t worry I’m not mental just good listener.
THANK YOU SPACE EXPERT ()is the second great,mesmerizing and amazing cinematic track of this great album that slip in to end with THE PRECIPICE,the right progressive post rock end.
I thought that Mr Beast was unique,superb…they deny each part of me…Regards Guys

Mogwai – “Scotland’s Shame” (Starlight Ballroom, Philadelphia 9/19/08)The funniest videos clips are here

Deep into HEAT


immagine-87As far as this soundtrack, in my view Michael Mann’s masterpiece, is concerned it is really possible to talk about “Miscellaneous Artists”. To be true, it all began to find out the beautiful piece The Last Lagoon by William Orbit (famous English, electronic music producer and arranger) and after several years of searching I could understand, quite totally, the very core of this film music.
Michael Mann maximises the emphasising of the visual impact together with the sound one by drawing profusely from famous and brillant authors such as the Kronos Quartet and Elliot Goldenthal (Alien 3).
Other tracks are omitted in the score official version, maybe both for room and royalties reasons, but anyway used in the film.
It is specifically these latter that I am going to consider mainly by listing aside the context they have been matched with:

– Get Up To This – New world beat
(Vincent at the disco’s office discover who “Slick” is;probably the Disco’s Background music fading…)
– Gringatcho Demento – William Orbit
(background music when Waingro is looking for a job in a bar) – track from Strange Cargo III album
– The thrill is gone – BB King
(During the ball of Vincent and Justine…)
– Concerto for Violoncello and Orchestra Boulez conducted by Ligeti
(the Platinum robbery) track from the namesake album
– The Monkey King William Orbit
(Chris, Neil and Michael mislead the guard by gesticulating) track from Strange cargo III
– Arabic Agony James
(L.A.P.D. Smile!…a picture from above)
– In November – David Darling
(Neil finds out from some documents who Vincent Hanna is) track from Cello album
– Late Evening in Jersey – Brian Eno
(Chris and Michael in the underground car park hack into the computer altering the bank alarm /Charlene and Dominique ask for the police safeguard)
– Black Cloud – Steve Roach /Elmar Schulte performed by Solitaire
(Waingro meets Roger Van Zant/ Donald stops what he was doing…) track from Ritual Ground album
– Celon – Lisa Gerrard / Pieter Bourke
(News of the bank robbery on TV)
– Will Gaines – Eric Clapton
(Neil devises with Nate a new escape plan / Vincent and Casalas visit Hugh Benny)
– The Last Lagoon – William Orbit
(Vincent says about Neil: “… He’s is still here…”I feel it” … Neil runs after Eady on the hill at dawn)
– The Mighty Limpopo – William Orbit
(Chris understands Charlene’s wave and leaves) – track from Strange Cargo I album

The piece The Last Lagoon by William Orbit (taken from Strange Cargo II album) replace Run Up Hill scene written by Elliot Goldenthal and included in the official soundtrack.
The same is true for the track Refinery Surveillance (scene of the surveillance in the refinery) afterwards replaced by three pieces: The Monkey King by William Orbit, In November by David Darling mixed with Arabic Agony by the James, this latter is taken from Wah Wah album.
Celon by Lisa Gerrard is used in the film but omitted in the soundtrack edition; all the three pieces by Lisa Gerrard are included in The Mirror Pool album.
New Dawn Fades, a shorter, not sung version, is used during the motorway chase between Vincent and Neil and it is a remake by Moby of the namesake piece by the Joy Division; the song integral version is available in the album I Like to Score by Moby.
Armenia by the Einstűrzende Neubauten (taken from Drawings of Patient O.T. album) used for a few seconds during the first “sceptical” meeting of Neil and Eady will be present also in other ”Hard” parts of Heat as well as in “The Insider”; the piece Late evening in Jersey by Brian Eno has recently been recorded on a compilation of unpublished works called Curiosities Vol. 1 (Opal Records).
Top O’ The Morning To Ya written by Eric Schrod, Leon Demant and Willie Dixon is played by the House Of Pain (taken from the House of Pain album) and it is in background during the meeting between Vincent and the informer Richard Torena in the Disco Club; By The Time I Get To Phoenix written by Jimmy Webb is probably droned by Vincent Hanna during the informer Albert Torena questioning.
Will Gaines by Eric Clapton is a piece taken from the soundtrack of Rush, a 1991 film directed by Lili Fini Zanuck.
As far as Ultramarine by Michael Brook is concerned, there is a special, unreleased version used when Vincent Hanna, in an understandable fit of hysteria, throws away his TV set at a traffic light.
There are two versions of the End Title composed by Moby and called God Moving Over the Face of the Waters: the “soft” one included in the official CD and the one included both in the single That’s When I Reach for My Revolver God Moving Over the Face of the Waters Heat Mix and in the above quoted album I like to score.However, the one in the film is slightly different from both these latter.
The pieces composed by Elliot Goldenthal and produced by Mathias Gohl are listed below among the others; the composer has made use, for some pieces, of the collaboration of the Kronos Quartet, the contemporary string quartet already known for collaborating with Philip Glass and with the The guitar orchestra Deaf Elk leading Page Hamilton of metal band Helmet

Warner Bros 9362-46144-2

1 Heat-Performed by The Kronos Quartet 7:42
2 Always Forever Now-Passengers 6:55
3 Condensers 2:35
4 Refinery Surveillance-Performed by The Kronos Quartet 1:46
5 Last Nite-The Chasers 3:29
6 Ultramarine – Michael Brook 4:35
7 Armenia – Einstürzende Neubauten 4:58
8 Of Helplessness 2:40
9 Steel Cello Lament 1:44
10 Mystery Man – Terje Rypdal 4:40
11 New Dawn Fades – Moby 2:50
12 Entrada & Shootout 1:49
13 Force Marker – Brian Eno 3:37
14 Coffee Shop 1:38
15 Fate Scrapes 1:34
16 La Bas[Edited Version] – Lisa Gerrard 3:11
17 Gloradin – Lisa Gerrard 3:57
18 Run Uphill 2:51
19 Predator Diorama – The Kronos Quartet 2:40
20 Of Separation 2:21
21 God Moving Over the Face of the Waters – Moby 6:58