Phot’Out – My first solo exhibition


Thanks to Phot’Out association I’m heading for my first solo exhibition,Located in to a Torino’s civic Library Ginzburg ; This Will start in July and will continue for several weeks (7 July Official Opening – 26 July Closing)
The exhibit will focus about my idea of Cinematic photography with a keen eye on technology not too niche and tests, I will present some prints of personal interpretations of reality that surrounds me, some about Bokeh’s Photography some other focusing on a form of abstract photographs, many of them obtained with the beauty of a classic Pentax lenses smc high brightness on digital Pentax slr camera , others with bridge as Panasonic Lumix ; every stills would focuse on the ability to compose and shoot images of strong cinematic influence(doesn’t care if people,street or national geographic look alike) and some others winks to the painter Ed Hopper.



My Most Intresting Pubblications

Don’t forget about these things editedP1020869Pix

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Hera a list of ” Remakable” publications or things/links  that I wrote in the Past

The pdf is from October 2004 issue of the italian cinema’s magazine Nocturno , I covered  the cinematography of  COLLATERALCOLLATERAL Pt.II (thanks to a great source as American Cinematographer Magazine and to Pier Maria Bocchi for this chance),only in italian.

This is MANN OF SCORES (english)  The use of music on Michael Mann Cinema and  follow a short sample taken from AC readings about Dante Spinotti works on Michael Mann Cinema CONVEY THE LIGHT (italian)

Here my first thing here on wordpress HALLOWEEN III and I can think that’s the best thing I wrote, thanks also to Alisa Facchini for the translation job.

so Still Waiting a feature (the crap Flypaper was something stolen from us) ; with Rick Eager(OK) I wrote a treatment about a movie named the InterseXion  and…

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Gareth Edwards GODZILLA (2014)

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GODZILLA just a sneak preview of one of Greatest thing for the next Year(MAY 2014)…

Great Lovely Beast

NOW after seen I would say to  Gareth Edwards very well done!!! Italian first 3 days at smash the box office 2M €!!!






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