TASCHEN’s MICHAEL MANN by F.X.Feeney/Paul Duncan(Ed)

I spent almost 2 year of my flat life asking in to many italian bookstores about that book,and after many “What?”-“Dont Know”-“Who is?” finally today I get my italian copy released by F. X. Feeney an American writer and filmmaker,based in L.A.
This outstanding book edited by Taschen ,was released with full access to Michael Mann archives.
Since the first pages is like open a Pandora Vase where images(spectacular photos about productions) and readings are fighting for take room in my brain.It Start from Jericho Mile Till Miami Vice 2k6,including TV productions,focusing on Key Collaboartion with the photographer Gusmano Cesaretti,the native rumanian Editor Dov Hoenig and the italian Cinematographer Dante Spinotti

ISBN-13: 978-3-8228-4264-8
Younger I start to love his skills as director or “storyteller” watching THE KEEP,were “above suspicions” times but since that I was sure to bet all my expectations and hopes over him , growing unconditional trust ,growing very fond of his rustproof films,never featureless films,now the Time has pay.He Is the only Director whom inspire my way to look at reality through my camera(and my eyes not only covarege matter),I feel to be on same page in what I see and I hear,feeling “familiar” in the stories or any situations he tell to us
This exhaustive work of art (book) help really us to understand the MAN beyond every other aspects,beyond the great Author that he is,perceiving here his wide knowledge about everything,life included, and that’s amazing because I don’t know if in my life I will have a chance to speak and shake hands with him.*

* 29 October 2011 Rome Film Festival Check my video


One response to “TASCHEN’s MICHAEL MANN by F.X.Feeney/Paul Duncan(Ed)

  1. Mann is the Man Fabio!
    I love the Taschen Book,the pictures are so beautiful…it’s strange that it’s available in Italy only this year (it was released in France and UK in 2006!)!

    E io concordo con tu recensione negativa del sopravvaluto “Dark Knight” di Nolan,ha ha!

    Guillaume di Francia

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