How become a set Photographer

P1010047Last saturday, I was employed for 9 hours on a home made set for a short movie,made with full HD camera by Panasonic,written and directed by my friend Arianna.I read the treatment of Home, just one week before and I accepted without hesitate,so I spent many hours behind-the-scenes documenting; promotional portraits;between takes or during,using the available light,reflections ,with no flash or falling in camera field using my silent Lumix FZ200;in addition during the pause make pasta ,Fabio’s special recipe,for cast and few crew. Nice day..





Tetsuya Nakashima’s CONFESSIONS


Never heard before of Tetsuya Nakashima but my good fellow and friend Matteo Merli of Arkadin Picuters said to me lately Keep an eye over this author and his last film,CONFESSIONS,is Michael Mann’s proof(in fact he reviewed it as High Art),so finally I had the pleasure to watch it with my friend Arianna ,we are still mind-blowing.. that’s the kind of cinema we need more,plus amazing soundtrack editing and cinematography.

Dante goes Hercules


Some great news from Showbiz  Dante Spinotti is checking venues and locations in Budapest for next Brett Ratner’s project produced by MGM – Paramount Hercules The film is going to be directed by Brett Ratner and co-produced by Peter Berg (director of Hancock and Battleship).Meanwhile he was so willing and gracius to answers me about the world of cinematography,I love this world ,this is not an insert coin passion, I spent many time on readings over American Cinematographer and  watching movies I matured a sort of curiosity, so we have a good chat about photochemical past era(finally clarify use of daylies) and some words about the new one the digital era ,the use some Panavison cameras and Lenses( expecially”rehoused” versions of Zeiss or Cooke lenses) , Panavision I guess the greatest supporting company for your ideas;last we also talk about very intresting made in germany anamorphic Hawk Lenses . It was for me and my profanity a moving call,The size of this man is equal to the huge emotions in producing great images for every great flick he covered. Grazie Dante you deserve a bottle of Gattinara for the Warp Party!