2011 – My 8 most memorables movies

Thor by  Kenneth Branagh WHY:I Loved the Direction of this gold masterpiece !

Immortals by Tarsem Singh WHY: I’m a CELL’s Lover,Tarsem’s eye and ideas are really intresting

The Adjustment bureau by George Nolfi WHY:Amazing John Toll’s ASC Cinematography,plus great love story.

Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn WHY: Because  in the beginning Refn try to use music as Michael Mann used Tangerine Dream on Thief 

Scream 4 by Wes Craven WHY: I loved the first one and this last one is better than the second and third…so almost great ,than the first episode,innovative!

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo  WHY: David Fincher is GREAT ;  Best sex scene of ever and I was thrilled listening the wind/flow noises in to the Killer’s house.

Shame by Steve McQueen WHY: I loved the Hunger ,McQueen got amazing Talents,Fassbender play very well.

CAPTAIN AMERICA by Joe Johnston This movie has elements from Michael Mann’s The Keep and I loved

Captain America: The First Avenger