After many years of research, polishing ,second thoughts,twist and turns I would show my WEBSITE about Michael Mann use of music,it was an hard and long job,and still now I’m “not Totally” satisfy but I think it could be a good readings(in to a very fluent english thanks to my friend Maria Lucia Stroppa’s translations ), so enjoy

“with respect and away from personal gain ,enjoy my


RARE Music on the films of Michael Mann

I spent some times writing a short Sample named MANN OF SCORES so what you’re reading now is COLLATERAL.

Here on CDR a selections of RARE ,HARD TO FIND,UNRELEASED track from Michael’s Films.

1 SHOWDOWN GLAEKEN VANISHES [Walking in the Air] Tangerine Dream,comes for the end sequence of Michael Mann’s THE KEEP and was recorded straight from my laserdisc on analog mode to my Teac or Philips cd recorder.Great tune ,full of innocence and dread, is a shame that for rights problem the soundtrack , the Movie itself (in some format different by VHS and Laserdisc) and this track composed by Howard Blake for the Snowman isn’t yet released,Producers,Paramount wake up found a deal god###…however enjoy the recording is pretty good!”
2 THRU METAMORPHIC ROCKS – CONFRONTATION I had mixed this two tracks because the style of both is similar,first comes from Tangerine Dream Force Majeure’s album one of most pinkfloydish 80’s album of the krautrock band from berlin,the second  track here on a rare unreleased edit version despite Thief’s elektra album track is a great cover of Pink Floyd Confrontably Numb named CONFRONTATION composed by the patient and fond Craig Safan(however You can read the story of this song arund my blog,just search thief) performed by the great bassist Alan Davey(look on wikipedia who is)..the track was just found on net after long research thank you to who posted it.
3 FREEZE aka Red dragon reprise,this track was sent to me by Stephan Piter a man from France very fond of The Keep(vainly he’s trying to sensibilize the head of this movie for a decent release on dvd) anyway I really loved this track because is a short survolted version of Klaus Schultze’s Freeze used on the great one MANHUNTER with Seiun by Kitaro totally missed from the Mca and last one released album.
4 THE HOUSE IN ROSE VALLEY come from THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS and was used for some beautiful seconds during Lacorsse scene in the beginning of this Historical gem.The composer Phil Cunningham is a talented scottish folk celtic musician and composer; 
he really deserve more attentions in what he does till now.

5 PROMENTORY is the famous Gael by Dougie Mac Lean adapted , performed ,composed by Trevor Jones for the end sequence of LAST OF THE MOHICANS,but here is not what you found on the original cd soundtrack is what you heard on the Movie and that’s amazing different great arragements longer beautiful,magnificated, eased,beated, ok just listen and you will understand.

6 DEATH LETTER by Johnny Farmer is here remixed by Organized Noise and used on ALI during the meditative Hey Champ’s METRO/Subway sequence , I loved this track,my sister love this , I was lucky to found on net but you can found it on outstanding New Beats From The Delta (2000) Fat Possum Records  amazing album,another lesson by Michael.
7 ROUND 8 STRING is an outstanding additional orchestral track by the great Bill Brown used during the final ALI’s Fight,check BILL website and you will be amazed… this tune really enter in ur mind!
8 DRIFTEN is an a great tune used on COLLATERAL composed by a genius named Thomas Schobel talented austrian born composer producer and very fond of sound engineering(listen and you will be charmed),keep an eye and hear over him!
9 LAX is a unreleased Collateral’s track by the great Tom Rothrock international producer(James Blunt , Beck) and composer,he really has do amazing things in Collateral.
10 A RODA The Wheel by the bravo Brazilian Composer Antonio Pinto, come from Walter Selles’s Abril Despedaçado a movie based on the book by the same name (original Albanian title: Prill i Thyer) written by the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare, about the honor culture in the North of Albania.This track was on Collateral and really brings some feelings of despair and hope.Pinto has great skills on use of electronic ambient orchestral and traditional sounds,quite unique,straight to heart.
11 THE LAST LAGOON was composed by english musician and producer William Orbit and you can found on STRANGE CARGO II album, this electronic ambient track edited over HEAT ‘s run uphill scene bring mood in to a special way.The beauty of HEAT beside on the story,images and music all your senses are catch by this factors, this flick change my life.
12 PRECURSOR MELTDOWN,I had a chat by Pieter Bourke composer with Lisa Gerrard of THE INSIDER and he told me the name the ambient electronic music recored by the DVD audio track(remind me some synth by Faithless) just when Jeffrey Wingand having Lunch discover the bad campaign against him…I mixed MELTDOWN with it because is its dead.Enjoy!
13 ON THE NATURE OF DAYLIGHT by Max Ritcher was sent me by Danny Miguel ,director freelance friend of mine based on L.A. he told me this touching tune was used during a Horse Race on Michael Mann tv Series LUCK..Scorsese used on Shutter Island,but I know they are friends so nothing of weird…
14 FUJIMA 15 DEATH THEME #3 are unreleased track from Miami Vice and sent by John Murphy himself on cdr,so we had start a great corrispondence and Friendship;I was delighted how great he is.Cant’ believe to meet talk ship with one of my mith since The Snatch.Thanks John God Bless you and Liverpool!
16 BEAM by John Powell was inspired by one of great Francesco Lupica’s compositions ( Beam Sweeps) and used on Malick’s Thin red line soundtrack,Michael Mann used on PUBLIC ENEMIES and It was outstanding,I mixed this with the end sequence of HEAT recorded directly from the movie, where the track  GOD MOVING OVER THE FACE OF THE WATERS by Moby found it’s real shape(ok just add some echo)..I think both mixed created something of quite amazing.
17 SET ME FREE by Dungeon East and Wild[Whild] Peach here on extended version (longer than The version appeared on ALI II soundtrack) is produced by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke and is a soulish song pretty great used on the end sequence of ALI..I don’t know more is just an amazing piece of music.
I hope you will found intresting my research,enjoy and comment if u want

Regarding Michael

Finally after more than 10 years since our first contact,I had the opportunity to shake hands with Michael Mann.He is huge & genuine and he was so gracious to meet me for take this picture.So enjoy my video from that event in Rome 29 October 2011

Michael Mann “insegna” il cinema.

Addicted Soundtrack


The Insider (Earned 7 Nomination at Academy Awards 2000)came our on Movie Theaters 5 November 1999,9 years ago telling us Warning: Exposing the Truth May Be Hazardous.
Apparently an awkward film, it is not a sheer coincidence if Touchstone home video has been supplying it erratically in Italy for several years, both in DVD and in VHS version, by labelling that as commercial strategy, it deserves, however, a careful analysys as far as the extraordinary music component is concerned.
At first, Graeme Revell (The Crow) should have been the only composer for the film but Michael Mann, because of the good relationship set up while working for Heat, asked Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke (both exes of the group Dead Can Dance) their collaboration for The Insider by asking,at first,their permission to use two tracks from their album Duality(Tempest and Sacrifice).
Only after having listened to a demo DAT with some inspired music tracks(in addition to having been composed not specifically targetd to the film core and situation), he decided to assign them the bulk of the music composition, having them working directly on some shots.
It has also been essential the contribution of the music supervisor and composer Curt Sobel (already collaborator for Heat as musical advisor and, previously, of the Tangerine Dream), a habitué in improving the “sound visibility” of a feature film and it is not a coincidence that a couple of unpublished pieces of him have been used to emphasise some part of The Insider.
Bourke and Gerrard decided to mix their initial demo tracks as if they were the final finished composition; this kind of choice seems to have remarkably affected Michael Mann’s eventual decision.
Production Featurette itself, included in the DVD, has unpublished pieces expressly composed by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke but not used in the film(Example see the “ escort to the Court ‘s” scene)
Among the tracks omitted in the official score CD there is one called Meltdown Precursor; this deep and touching piece begins when Jeffrey Wigand is having lunch and understands from TV that a slanderous campaign against him is going on; the piece ends while the already known moving and hypnotic Meltdown starts.
As far as other pieces omitted from the official score are concerned I quote below a short list. Unfortunately, the very difficult availability of some piece hinders me from matching them with the related scenes, but for the three last mentioned:

Uotaaref Men Elihabek Cashbah Orchestra
Smokey Mountain Waltz Richard Gilks
Suffocate & Night Stop Curt Sobel
Hot Shots Curt Sobel
Armenia by Einstűrzende Neubauten
(Jeffrey gets home and finds out he has bodyguards)
Two or Three Things by David Darling (Jeffrey is abandoned by his wife)
taken from the album Cello
Litany by Arvo Part (Jeffrey at the golf course)
taken from the album Litany
*The pieces Tempest (Opening Sequence)and Sacrifice composed by Lisa Gerrard and Peiter Bourke are included in the album Duality(4ad)

Pieter Bourke- Lisa Gerrad- Michael Mann


THE INSIDER Columbia Sony Catalog#: 496458 2

1 Tempest Lisa Gerrard 2:52
2 Dawn of the Truth 2:00
3 Sacrifice 7:42
4 The Subordinate 1:17
5 Exile 1:40
6 The Silencer 1:39
7 Broken 2:04
8 Faith 3:02
9 I’m Alone on This Graeme Revell 2:02
10 LB in Montana Graeme Revell 0:51
11 Palladino Montage Graeme Revell 0:45
12 Iguazu – Gustavo Santolalla 3:12
13 Liquid Moon 4:06
14 Rites [Special Edit for the Film] – Jan Garbarek 5:34
15 Safe from Harm [Perfecto Mix] – Massive Attack 8:14
16 Meltdown 5:41

The pieces 1-8/ 13,16 have been composed, arranged and directed by Lisa Gerrard and Pieter Bourke