Wile Game

My sister Sabina had the brilliant idea to make one of best present of this Christmas so I get this Film on DVD ,probably one of most multi-named film that I remember, The Tourist-Deception-SexList/Omicidio a Tre


Crew,Plot and expecially The female cast including Michelle Williams,Maggie Q and Natasha Henstridge should had been a must for many connoisseurs but I wasn’t able to watch it when came out on theaters due sudden lanzyness and the unexpected quick programmation in my area. Formerly I was lucky to had read in to  American Cinematographer Issue of May 2008(Article Kink and the city by Jon Silberg) a brillant review about our Dante Spinotti AIC,ASC Alias Herr Kleiner alias Mr. Moretti’s work on cinematography (if  you havent understand he’s also playing a very short Cameo)
The story ,a really well done psychological luscious thriller,with Hitchcockian’s dye ,and a great soundtrack is develop as great chess game where Queens Bishops and Kings are playing theirs fatal moves on a outstanding chessboard named New York City and its multi-million dollar deals.
Since first shoots the Eye of Dante is tangibile ,outstanding camera movments,symmetrical forms and games,real light( in any conditions),wrap light and colours and unexpected depth of field in dark situations ;any takes remind me what I saw in to The Insider and also in to Collateral shot by Dion Beebe ACS,ASC (cabs ,sodiums street lamps,white marble ‘s Scenes)and thats probably is what mean be associated cinematographers.
With a special mention to the director Marcel Langenegger whom trust on that The use of Panavision© Genesis Digital cameras with sensitivity set close to 1000 ASA gave a surreal overexposed look that really works with the story tell & fascinate me.