Matthijs van Heijningen Jr.’s THE THING


Directed by dutch director Matthijs van Heijningen Jr. ,he was @ 1996 TORINO FILM FESTIVAL  With “Red Rain”,a sort of Psyco but he’s also very fond of Commercials: 2011 Universal’s THE THING is starring  Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Joel Edgerton, Ulrich Thomsen and many more others butchered;that Movieis the prequel of 1982 John Carpenter’s The Thing (i’m a great supporter of this one)and  the story tell us what the hell is happened into Norge/Sweden(Mac Ready docet)base and crew before US crew @  Outpost 31 was reach by that fucking alienated Husky.So,I will see this flick probably on December,due great commercial strategy of Universal Italia,but in the most part of the planet Earth people will be assimilated on 14 October. For what I see & feel is a great modern effort,shot on anamorphic format by french cinematographer Michel Abramowicz ,this format just for pay tribute to the outstanding DEAN CUNDEY ASC/CSC and John Carpenter’s look,but in comparison to its precursor LA COSA ,this last one has upgraded praticals ( by Amalgamated Adam Edvard creature Nominated @10th Ves Awards for Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Feature Motion Picture)and add great Cgi effects and that permit to convey what probably John Carpenter & Rob Bottin had just imagined in 1982 and transformed in to paranoia or fast,cool editing efforts,so I ‘m pretty excited about that.The electronic / orchestral soundtrack goes to Marco Beltrami,friend of Ennio Morricone & pay homage to him,that’s not enough,the original score,with the greats ones Despair , Solitude and Humanity Part II were used just in parts by Carpenter(he adds some great additional compositions),Carpenter was the master of analog synths for his works and one of great horror key of the  first movie was the electronic incidental score…But I will able to say more later

This soundtrack is quite impressive,modern and original and fit perfect for the use that the Director does in this underrated gem.