I had the pleasure to listen July Skies on Myspace,their oustandig song WAITING TO LAND from The English Cold Album was played in the background of a friend of mine page(Stefano),was love at first “sight”.
This track really loose us in to synth loop…amazing

Directly from their management in to UK (West Midlands) Make Mine Music I had the lucky to grab 2 of the 3 albums that I own.
I felt to wrote also some mails with leader “brain”of the Group Antony Harding starting great correspondence, trying to explane ,with success,my emotions about what I’m hearing , rare emotions and thougts,Music that is the rendering of certain kind of vison,made of light colours and shadows;That’s was Enough for linked my experience with Mogwai,is not a case but the real link with that thought go to John Peel, he was a great Talent Scout ,Rest in Peace.
The outstanding albums that I own are Dreaming of Spires(RocketGirl32)special mentions to The Night Sky-Garden Constellation-To Love You Blossom- Corinivm-East Kenneth Skies-Southern Orchards;The English Cold(MakeMineMusic009) East Anglian Skies-Waiting to Land-August Country Fires-Faded Generation;The Weather Clock (MakeMineMusic027) The Weater Clock EP VERSION(with Unreleased tracks)with any special mentions to See Britain by Train both also the EP VERSION-Wating to the test card-Skies For Nash-To My Love

Refferning to any tracks the use classic instruments as organ,cello,piano,clarinet melt perfect with any of moderns as guitar and Keyboards/synths,both immerse in to reverbs that really turn in to a musical lifeform or better waveform.
Skipping comparison or similarity with any 4AD past productions,obvius but deeply far to be, I would try to found the right words for describe this kind of subliminal,healing music ,that keeping a sort symbiosis between tracks as for a perfect mechanism of a clock,music that evolves or better improve album after albums ,a sort of post rock melts with ambient and electronic sounds,giving unique results unique sensations.
I loved so much the English Cold but I would Highly recommended all the albums mentioned for understand the grown and expecially whom lost hope in musics.


Waiting To Land – Live (Birmingham, UK – 09.04.05) by July Skies