ALI homage

This tune a remix of The Killers Mr.Brightside(JACQUES LU CONT’S THIN WHITE DUKE REMIX) come to visit my ears last saturday evening ,since that moment images come to visit me so.. that’s my HOMAGE to Michael Mann’s ALI.. this is my first video using AVID.. you can see on VIMEO for US Citizens or YOUTUBE for other parts of Earth,WATCH TILL THE END and Enjoy if you can!!!

Mr. Brightside -Michael Mann’s ALI homage. from Fabio Pirovano on Vimeo.


The use of HD cameras is a way for be Tactile, Michael Mann as great Director pay attention to technology and devices availables but as living quantun leap and a step forward he was a precursor of that “naked eye” technology since ALI, so enjoy this reel with some of stunning  images from this kind of HD medias.

Thomson Grass Valley Viper – Sony F900Sony F23  V-2430-f23

1998-2008 My Best lights and Shadows

Last week,American Cinematographers last poll ask me “What were the 10 Best-Shot Films of 1998-2008″It was not so simple make this short list..10 movies..not enough,anyway,I leave out some great films as John Toll’s Thin Red Line ;Chris Menges Dirty Pretty Things;Guillermo Navarro’s Pan’s Labyrinth & Dion Beebe’s Miami Vice,I’m trying to list what for me was stunning,look for a mix between landmarks and originality and I hope to have do some good choices,all that DVDs are on my shelves,menawhile I’m thinking that 2007 was just a ordinary year for the cinematography and I skipped any choices in that year…Enjoy!

OUT OF SIGHT Elliot Davis 1998

THE INSIDER Dante Spinotti A.S.C. 1999 Super 35MM Kodak Vision 500T 5279-VISION 250D 5246 – Panavision Camera and Lenses

THE CELL Paul Laufer 2000 SUPER35MM Kodak Vision 200T 5274 Panavision Platinum – Pan Arri Primos Lenses – Arriflex 535B Arri 435 Cooke S4 Lenses

ALI Emmanuel Lubezki A.M.C. A.S.C. 2001 SUPER35MM Kodak Vision 200T 5274 Vision 500T 5279 Fuji S-F 500T 8572 Panavision XL-Millennium-Panastar (High Speed)-Sony SP900(HD)-Michael McAllister Lipstick Cameras

UNBREAKABLE Eduardo Serra A.F.C. 2002 ANAMORPHIC 2.35:1 Kodak Vision 350T 5277-Vision 500t 5279 Panavision Millennium-GII-XL Anamorphic Primos and Zoom

KILL BILL VOL 1 Robert Richardson A.S.C. 2003 SUPER35MM     (3 Perf) 2.35:1 Mix of Kodak Film stock EXR-Vision and Double X-Panavision Platinum and Primos Lenses

COLLATERAL Dion Beebe A.S.C. Paul Cameron A.S.C. 2004 ANAMORPHIC 2.37:1 HD Thomson Grass Valley Viper – Sony Panavised 24p HDW-F900 Zeiss Digiprimes Panavision Millennium,XL,Pan Arri 435 Primo Lenses Kodak Vision 500T5279 And Vision 2 500T 5218

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Dion Beebe A.S.C. 2005 2.40:1 ANAMORPHIC Kodak Vision 2 500T 5218 Vision 200T 5274 Print on Kodak vision 2383,Panavision Platinum ,Millennium and Gold II Lenses E and C Series

DECEPTION Dante Spinotti A.I.C. A.S.C. 2008 2.40:1 HD Panavision Genesis -Panavision Millennium,XL Panavision Primos and Super Speed,Angenieux Lenses Kodak Vision 500T 5229 Print on Premier Vision 2393 and Vision 2383 Digital Intermediate

CLOVERFIELD Michael Bonvillain A.S.C. 2008 1.85:1 HD Sony Cinealta F23,Thomson Grass Valley,Panasonic AG-HUX200 and AGHSC 1U Zeiss Digiprimes and Digizooms ,Canon HD EC lenses,Print on Kodak Vision 2383