1998-2008 My Best lights and Shadows

Last week,American Cinematographers last poll ask me “What were the 10 Best-Shot Films of 1998-2008″It was not so simple make this short list..10 movies..not enough,anyway,I leave out some great films as John Toll’s Thin Red Line ;Chris Menges Dirty Pretty Things;Guillermo Navarro’s Pan’s Labyrinth & Dion Beebe’s Miami Vice,I’m trying to list what for me was stunning,look for a mix between landmarks and originality and I hope to have do some good choices,all that DVDs are on my shelves,menawhile I’m thinking that 2007 was just a ordinary year for the cinematography and I skipped any choices in that year…Enjoy!

OUT OF SIGHT Elliot Davis 1998

THE INSIDER Dante Spinotti A.S.C. 1999 Super 35MM Kodak Vision 500T 5279-VISION 250D 5246 – Panavision Camera and Lenses

THE CELL Paul Laufer 2000 SUPER35MM Kodak Vision 200T 5274 Panavision Platinum – Pan Arri Primos Lenses – Arriflex 535B Arri 435 Cooke S4 Lenses

ALI Emmanuel Lubezki A.M.C. A.S.C. 2001 SUPER35MM Kodak Vision 200T 5274 Vision 500T 5279 Fuji S-F 500T 8572 Panavision XL-Millennium-Panastar (High Speed)-Sony SP900(HD)-Michael McAllister Lipstick Cameras

UNBREAKABLE Eduardo Serra A.F.C. 2002 ANAMORPHIC 2.35:1 Kodak Vision 350T 5277-Vision 500t 5279 Panavision Millennium-GII-XL Anamorphic Primos and Zoom

KILL BILL VOL 1 Robert Richardson A.S.C. 2003 SUPER35MM     (3 Perf) 2.35:1 Mix of Kodak Film stock EXR-Vision and Double X-Panavision Platinum and Primos Lenses

COLLATERAL Dion Beebe A.S.C. Paul Cameron A.S.C. 2004 ANAMORPHIC 2.37:1 HD Thomson Grass Valley Viper – Sony Panavised 24p HDW-F900 Zeiss Digiprimes Panavision Millennium,XL,Pan Arri 435 Primo Lenses Kodak Vision 500T5279 And Vision 2 500T 5218

MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA Dion Beebe A.S.C. 2005 2.40:1 ANAMORPHIC Kodak Vision 2 500T 5218 Vision 200T 5274 Print on Kodak vision 2383,Panavision Platinum ,Millennium and Gold II Lenses E and C Series

DECEPTION Dante Spinotti A.I.C. A.S.C. 2008 2.40:1 HD Panavision Genesis -Panavision Millennium,XL Panavision Primos and Super Speed,Angenieux Lenses Kodak Vision 500T 5229 Print on Premier Vision 2393 and Vision 2383 Digital Intermediate

CLOVERFIELD Michael Bonvillain A.S.C. 2008 1.85:1 HD Sony Cinealta F23,Thomson Grass Valley,Panasonic AG-HUX200 and AGHSC 1U Zeiss Digiprimes and Digizooms ,Canon HD EC lenses,Print on Kodak Vision 2383