My intrest was shaken by reading  Clones in Space by Patricia Thomson published on Vol 90 N°7 of American Cinematographer,seems to be in front of another intresting Anamorphic Indie gem from  british Director Duncan Jones ( 30 March 1971 son of rockstar David Bowie).

Starring Sam Rockwell MOON (Prize Sundance Film Festival)is a story about clones and primary energy resources set on a Moon Base on near future.Shot by indipendent cinematographer Gary Shaw on 3-perf Super 35mm(for budget reason) is inspired to the Anamorphic look of masterpieces as 2001,Silent Running and Outland; this feature was set by production designer Tony Noble ( on England Shepperton Studios) for a concrete look rather than sleek touch screen technology of today. The production ,5 Millions budget for 33 days,used Panaflex Millennium XL set as Main Camera,Arri 435 was used for high speed work and Arricam Lite for handheld work,supported by Primo Lenses And Primo 4:1 ,11:1 zooms.The choice at time for the film stock felt over Kodak Vison 200T 5274 ,now discontinued, for keep an older look refferring to the films previous mentioned,then add Vision 3 500T 5219 for miniature’s  sequences and works in particual space’s scenarios.

Last but not the least Original soundtrack is composed by Clint Mansell ,I really would like to hear and see it soon…