Bologna explosion

6 August 2018 A huge explosion on a highway near Bologna airport in northern Italy has killed two people and left at least 70 injured, some with serious burns, police said.The explosion was caused when a tanker truck carrying explosive materials crashed in a traffic accident.The news agency ANSA said the tanker was carrying liquefied petroleum gas. READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Skinned and Debone

jason-voorhees-all-opera-in-venerdi-13-99505Jason Voorehes  been one of my landmark in my filmic childhood,combined with Halloween ‘s Michael Myers and Elm Street’s Freddy Kruger.I really liked the Third,Fourth and the Seventh (A new Blood expecially this one)Installments of old Crystal Lake Saga and this remake didnt bother me,I liked the great Cinematography by Daniel Pearl ASC and the modernity spin into renewal to tell outdated things,inclued the great choice over Derek Mears playing Jason;the Director Marcus Nispel is taking my attention also if I did’nt like the Hard Texas Chiansaw massacre and I havent seen Pathfinder,so after some thoughts expecially for some set desing choices I think that Leatherface could meet Jason…

It will be intresting describe the capture of both by Criminal Investigation Division and Special Operations and imprisonment in to a Maximum security Prison where we could discover how the Evil-Nature has work in their deformity,psychic and why not Dna for set their Die Hard’s attitude,Prison that could turn as a set for an aftermath blooding Escaping,or at least take just one of them as vector for be insert in to contest that belong to one or other where can born some contrast for any slaughter’s jurisdictions92021_texas_lThomas Brown Hewitt and Jason VoorHees could have a lot in common…could be buddies or enemies…it depends form the producers so as involved Audience I feel to say..As Long As we will have flesh we ll never lost the edge

Sébastien Tellier

Sebastien Tellier God Bless You

LE RITOURNELLE is a outstanding cinematic Song,and For what I eared probably unique among the many produced.

this melody with a storng sense of miss and romanticism reach our soul  and transport in to a journey till the end of everything,redention