A L I E N  Covenant

So let’s talk about Sir Ridley Scott and his upcoming A L I E N COVENANT , coming out in ITALY 11 MAY 2017, in the previous 2 movies ALIEN and PROMETHEUS we have seen TWO spacecrafts named Juggernaut , a massive spacecrafts constructed by the Engineers( royal pricks of high-bred origins ),for whom know the saga that spaceships are derelicts, one on the moon LV426(ALIEN) and the other in LV233(Prometheus),both are planetoids(moons) of Zeta2 Reticuli IV system ; however , Now this time alien COVENANT show a third derelict spacecraft in to a another unknown terr-alike planet(PLANET 4),smashed in to a wood and with this premise, hoping not only a pilot’s issues, i’m sure it will be A remarkable Pandora’s vase in that amazing SCOTT’s filmic universe.

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For who’s looking for other clues about this feature I can say most locations are from New ZeAland ; the cinematography is by Darius Wolski ASC (Prometheus) COVERED WITH ARRI ALEXA XT WITH PANAVISION LENSES(Probably ANAMORPHIC C Series or SOMETHING OF ACTUAL)  and some aerial shoots been covered with RED EPIC and THE HYDRA AERIAL CAMERA system

the TERRIFIC soundtrack is composed by jed kurzel(Macbeth-BABADOOK) and will BE released on Milan Records LP CD AND DIGITAL DOWNLOAD

Composed by JED KURZEL(1976, Australian composer , singer) ALIEN COVENANT SOUNDTRACK is integrating some original elements from JERRY GOLDSMITH’s A L I E N (check 02 The Covenant-05 Sail -06 Planet 4/Main Theme – 08 Wheat Field – 16 Face Hugger and 22 Alien Covenant Theme ) and something of really new mixing electronic with classical music that reach its best in the outstanding tracks 01 Incubation, 15 Command Override , 17 Chest Burster(BEAUTIFUL TRACK FIT IN TO A DISTURBING SCENE) ; while the top notch is the tracks 19 CARGO LIFT – 21 Terraforming Bay thanks to a sort of percussions that really enanched the scene and bring me to something structured and listen around James Newton Howard’s Collateral(Vincent hops train). THIS IS AN OUTSTANDING SCORE,A MUST AND SHOULD NEVER LACK TO ANY SOUNDTRACK COLLECTOR AND LOVER OF THIS MOVIE.

Covenant LP

No Animals Were Harmed ”®

best experienced with ALIEN LEAGUE FONTS

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ALIEN COVENANT could be poorly named Alien 2017,loosing all the philosophical meaning of the word covenant and later paradise lost ,so i like think about that as upgraded new begin and as      a l i e n  lover I can’t notice the many homages and reference to 1979 FILM , including The T E R R I F I C Soundtrack by Jed Kurzel that has in ITs Musical DNA many Jerry Goldsmith sounds and score.In that outstanding work of art the message is clear this is a new movie about fear of Unknown, fear to face our fears , about choices and mistakes.The feeling of dread and that something of tremendous is coming is constant , those features fit and set in all the acts of the story ,well written  directed and act (outstanding Fassbender and Waterstone)also supported by a state of art cinematography , production design , visual and special effects; this level of realism and beauty in my view was never reached in any other films of the saga(Alien and Prometheus except Which this film is the sequel ). Paying attention to details help  making the differences in suspense terms how could be try to close an automatic door in front a bloodthirsty evil creature but our feet accidentally  is blocking that function or run escaping from something and slipping over blood stains. Covenant is also a magnificent walk in the silence of the depth space but also a close up of acoustic meatus attacked by the black goo.A film of spaces there are introspective view Vs. the vastness of breath taking panorama or unsettling wastelands,with this visual synergy the feeling of being hunted make its play and leave its punch in the stomach . I saw this film twice in 24 hours and I’m still thinking about what i saw,so RIDLEY SCOTT’s Alien Covenant is working and I can’t wait for the next step in the story.



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Alienated Requiem

Despite a brief show into Italian movie theatres I was able to watch this Film many months ago and recently I was lucky to grab a copy of AVP-R DVD Special Edition.
In a few words,be patient for my english I would say,that’s not a grotesque Film as somebody called, I saw worst shit ,according me it could lack on editing ,but apart that my first approach was discreet and keep me on the edge; I don’t like be upstream without a valid reason but I really like give back to caeser what is caesar’s, and this x-over movie coming from a popular comic book franchise released now on a great unrated edition really deserve a special mention;so after a careful second vision on DvD (don’t miss the great bonus dvd N°2) I feel to stress that at least it worth considered for the outstanding æsthetics, terrific special effects “full of realism” by Hydraulx ,starring Ian White,Tom Woodruff & Alec Gillis;so the use of Animatronics mixed with not paradoxical CGI effects under the good direction of the brothers Greg and Colin Strause really works. AVP-R keeps its originality homaging with a series of hidden highlights from the previous 2 Fox Franchise(with particular refferring to Cameron’s Aliens) , moments remastered and recap , under the geniality of colorist Kenny Becker(No country for old men,Ali) and Chaisaw Massacre’s cinematographer Daniel C. Pearl ASC’s(Sperhical Panavision Super 35-2.35:1 converted) so famous camera angles , famous original sound effects and soundtracks cues (by very inspired composer Brian Tyler) make their great part dissolving in to a good script written by Shane Salerno, where beautiful badass Hybrid Predalien rules and also women & childs must die.
The greatest challenge of this underrated installment was combine sci-fi elements in to a current contest, Alien been always shown on space/future background , Predators had hell’s jungle and a very post Modern Metropolis,so REQUIEM at first could’t fit but at the end had seen everybody set in to a shadowed small town , a town close to my real/domestic contest, had seen a face to face with Xenomorph Alien come from saloon door of kitchen’s restaurant or the same HR Giger ‘s creature hiding in to the darkness watching us through a house’s window ,all that stuffs hunted by a pissed Predator , really disoriented my feelings…but still clear for enjoy and found a reason for say that I really liked this gore horror action sci-fi film.