THE THING [2018] Vinyl 2LP Soundtrack Music By Ennio Morricone – Alan Howarth – Larry Hopkins

THE THING[Buysoundtrax]

A NOTE FROM ALAN HOWARTH : The final score as it is heard in the film is actually an amalgamation of Morricone’s original orchestral music, his subsequent electronic material (the pulsating “Thing Theme”), and the droning ambiences created by Howarth and Carpenter. “Other than that one session I really didn’t have that much involvement with it,” said Howarth. “I just helped John make those cues, and then it was really up to John to sit down and cut all that stuff in and say I want it here and I want it there.” Click on the image below for buy the double vinyl




MY FAVS/Best Tracks:

SIDE ONE 01.Main Title 02 Despair

SIDE TWO Humanity 03 Burn It 04 Solitude

SIDE THREE 01 Fucks – 02 To Mac’s Shack*

SIDE FOUR 01 Eternity 02 Contamination 03 Bestiality

In my view COMPARING it  to the previous material from original MCA Album the pulsating TRACK“Thing Theme” Here available and named AT SIDE 1 TRACK 2 MAIN THEME – DESOLATION – TRACK 3 HUMANITY II [Originally IS JUST HUMANITY II TRACK 8 OF MCA’s CD]  is a little bit different AT FIRST HEARING AND IT could not be so great on SOUND DESIGN MATTER,SPECIALLY electronic beats.. but EVERYTHING have something of good and improved in to orchestral arrangements,this KIND OF feature IS reflected in every orchestral part of this new edition.Instead The electronic droning ambiences tracks created by Alan Howarth and John Carpenter are amazing,powerful,deafening and ARE the real core of the SENSE OF DREAD AND TERROR OF THE movie as we heard in THEATERS IN TO 1982 ,so in my part this LP is a must have.

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