SMC PENTAX State of art view

I spent more than 800 dollars for this digital camera PENTAX K30 and after more than 3600 shot I had to clean the pissed off because that was  without a reason , I just used 2 lenses in 5 months,never change or opened twice times…… but holy is clean and despite this common reflexs problem this camera has great real quality expecially if you use Classic PENTAX SMC A f1.7  lenses  I bought one for 70 euros.. prefect glass.. perfect focal.. stunning colours… can’t describe, hard to change with others  snap·shot around will never be the same!!P1020661


BOKEH 1/4 ” Manual Focus



2 responses to “SMC PENTAX State of art view

  1. Cameras are so much more expensive in Europe. That sucks about the sensor- I thought that camera automatically cleaned dust when you turned it on or off.

    • Yes to be honest I Pay 910 euros with 18-135 f 3.5-5.6 Wr but I sale this lens for some other luminous lenses(never go more than 70mm)..but is a shame that for modern zoom f 2.8 I have to spent more than the body..anyway now I have a good sigma 2.8-4.5 18-50 and a old smc pentax prime 50 mm f 1.7 this last one is really my lens,never leave my k30..About the Sensor clean,my fault, in 5 months never used the dust removal option when (turing on and off) however I have to say that in 5 months I just open the lenses 2 times for change the old WR18-135 with in these days reading tutorials on net I have learn how clean this and my fingers are very deep with my K30

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