My Most Intresting Pubblications

Hera a list of ” Remakable” publications or things/links  that I wrote in the Past

The pdf is from October 2004 issue of the italian cinema’s magazine Nocturno , I covered  the cinematography of  COLLATERALCOLLATERAL Pt.II (thanks to a great source as American Cinematographer Magazine and to Pier Maria Bocchi for this chance),only in italian.

This is MANN OF SCORES (english)  The use of music on Michael Mann Cinema and  follow a short sample taken from AC readings about Dante Spinotti works on Michael Mann Cinema CONVEY THE LIGHT (italian)

Here my first thing here on wordpress HALLOWEEN III and I can think that’s the best thing I wrote, thanks also to Alisa Facchini for the translation job. As John Carpenter’s Lover I would mention THE FOG Soundtrack

so Still Waiting a feature (the crap Flypaper was something stolen from us) ; with Rick Eager(OK) I wrote a treatment about a movie named the InterseXion  and then a screenplay The Intersexion

As a fan of Paul W.Anderson’s  EVENT HORIZON was easy drop some lines about the stunning cinematography by Adrian Biddle BSC, meanwhile I became e-friend  with JOHN MURPHY and he sent me many great CDs also one of 25 Weeks Later on limited Edition that ,He is an amazing person,deserve succes and again  a great bottle of wine from my land piedmont!

Don’t forget one of my first post about one of greatest for me state of art film,Alex Thomson BSC and Michael Mann’s THE KEEP

With digital and HD The way to look films at Theaters change so I drop something here VISUAL PATHFINDER and here Watching Movies Borderline thoughts

HEINALI  was another e-friend and great composer that I meet surf on net and he really deserve something of great as JULY Skies and their leader and e friend Antony Harding (was great be mentioned on the credits  of one of their albums)


Michael  it was a long ride, nice meet you and Thanks for your time and your films!!!

My passion for Photography my Flickr

As profane editor a couple of videos that I do with heartfelt thoughts  FRACTAL CINEMA and TACTILE CINEMA



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