Finally is Time to go to seaside for a well deserved vaction Heading to sea,First part will be around Genova,Portofino and Camogli last part Portovenere,La Spezia and beloved 5 terreIMGP1996IMGP2017IMGP1980P1010138P1010008P1010019P1010145P1010004P1010213P1010998P1010985P1010983P1010956P1010929P1010920P1020030P1020016P1010594IMGP2095


8 responses to “V A C A T I O N

  1. That is beautiful- that is not a pic you took is it? Have you heard of a village called Caneto di Caronia that had a lot of mysterious fires years ago?

  2. Looking at them again the one of the light at the train station is the most evocative- a wonderful example of chiaroscuro. Somewhat reminiscent of an Edward Hopper painting in the loneliness and alienation it conveys. Beautiful.

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