HARBRINGER DOWN by Amalgamated Dynamics

Just spent 5 bucks for this project named HARBRINGER DOWN by  Amalgamated Dynamics Inc.,I love what they does on Cinema Industry and I love sci-fi and subjects like the Thing…



7 responses to “HARBRINGER DOWN by Amalgamated Dynamics

  1. Will be very cool if they can get Lance to star in it. I’m also a fan of The Thing. Very generous of you to help out.

    • Yes I love Lance’s performance since Near Dark,so They reach the goal of 350 K for this project thanks also a contribute of poor people like me,amazing be a direct producer,great this way. The Thing was one of my favourite films of 80’s , to tell the truth I like also the last one..give some answers,I think a sequel could be great.

  2. Do you like any other horror films? I know you’re a fan of The Keep. But what about Halloween or The Exorcist or some of the Italian directors like Mario Bava?

  3. I grew up with Carpenter Images and Music.. Halloween,Halloween 3,The Fog,Christine my favourites..About Italian Directors,Early Pupi Avati(Casa Finestre Che ridono) Lucio Fulci, first Dario Argento( Deep red Suspiria),recently I liked James Wan, he has great skills and Alexandre Aja.And You Which is your empolyment on Showbiz?

  4. Just a film geek- love movies. Yeah, I love The Fog, Escape from NY, etc. Don’t know about Avati. So bizarre how I found this blog and then to guess Turin for some reason…we’re kindred spirits. I’m afraid to ask if you voted for Berlusconi. If you say yes I’ll be saddened. LOL! But will get over it. 🙂

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