Tetsuya Nakashima’s CONFESSIONS


Never heard before of Tetsuya Nakashima but my good fellow and friend Matteo Merli of Arkadin Picuters said to me lately Keep an eye over this author and his last film,CONFESSIONS,is Michael Mann’s proof(in fact he reviewed it as High Art),so finally I had the pleasure to watch it with my friend Arianna ,we are still mind-blowing.. that’s the kind of cinema we need more,plus amazing soundtrack editing and cinematography.

5 responses to “Tetsuya Nakashima’s CONFESSIONS

  1. Hi. I just read a comment you left on Alex Thomson’s IMDB page and then when I was checking out Tony Scott’s page I again see a comment from you. How odd that I see two comments one after the other by the same person on two different IMDB pages. Anyway, you need to fix the link to your wordpress page from IMDB- you have a comment instead of a period so if someone clicks on the link the link won’t work. Finally, why do you give Skyfall only 5 stars? Were you unimpressed with Deakins’s cinematography?

  2. Ciao,Thank you for your nice comment,please could you help me to understand where I can fix the link error ,I didnt found the page.Skyfall 5/10?Sam Mendes is not an action thriller director,Yes of course I was impressed by Deakins Alexa camera is great(he tested this camera in the awful Andrew Niccol’s In Time) , but in some daylight scene was quite flat and seized( the Island scene look like a Thunderbirds Episode probably is an aesthetic choice that I didnt share), anyway In my poor opinion and Globally speaking Skyfall is better compared to Quantum but weak compared to CasinĂ² Royale…

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