I had the pleasure to meet Matteo in his home (Villa Ormea Torino)around September 2010,collateral to a grateful cosmic summer’s event(Agnese‘s meet).I loved the moment I loved the man,he’s emphatic, greater than life,he is the temerarious of the sincerity. He is a singer songwriter,a sort of Fred Buscaglione meets Giorgio Conte & since first minutes I have detect some emotional instability in to him as par as the nitroglycerin but due this clue I have undersatand how great he is and from where his songs coming from.I never ask him many things,just played cards with him,had dinner with him ,wished merry xmas,slept over in his house,photographed him and follow his concerts and I felt since first time he singing(speak) from experience and that’s  for me is a wonderful journey.So,speaking of journey ,  I love his extraordinary first Album EZIO, with an amazing smart cover,produced by K-Brothers Collective after 5 years of important things and meets,the credits included some great collaboration as genius Mr. Hairi Vogel(synth,electic guitar,Super Collider,noise),MaX Laredo(double-bass),Giuseppe Pepperino Leone(drums-guitar mandolin),Sol Ruiz-Gaia Mobilj-Carlos Cid Condoritos(choirs),Fabrizio Bozzi Fenu(additional electric guitar),Frankie Partipilo(drums,tenor sax),Cora e Maya Pennachietti(additional orchestra).My favourite tracks are Boccuccia,Un po per i tuoi occhi ,Grigio and Così ,each time I listen these songs I’m envisioning him walking to me speaking,smiling and kidding and that’s cool.Enjoy his music, highly recommended!


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