TESTAGNESEME Matter of Spirit

It happened last August, summer,on vacation,I was walking through a dark long tunnel..almost blind,I was just follow my perpetual and focused feelings in that direction ,I need to reach the same nice places of ever,places that I never had been able to see after a bunch of years..it was a great day,bright and windy,It was amazing reach the light at the end ,the beach was always the amazing “paradise on earth” and there…there testing the power of unusual CIAO I was luck to meet Agnese,She’s the Girl that I had never meet before,her Art reflect her powerful soul,the TESTASEME, as painter have enlightened me as herself,she talk with mind and words filling my heart and that spired in to a strong , vibrant friendship,  so healing!May she be happy and popular-

kissing Agnese

Full moon Party



send a High res photo below


…and Agnese will metamorphizesed you into a legendary deep sea creature , free

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