æsthetics reflection

æsthetics means the critical reflection on art, nature and culture,so today I was sitting in to a barbershop’s lobby waiting for my turn and a magazine comes in my hands,when I opened the first pages fall over this masterpiece,I love call masterpiece something bring me in what I wrote at the beginning of these lines…

caja vital kutxa headquarters by architects mozas aguirre arquitectos 5
This specatcular building named CAJA VITAL and its tructure made by stainless steel is set in northeast area of Victoria Gasteiz(capital city of the province of Álava and of the autonomous community of the Basque Country in northern Spain);That  æsthetics construction is a local Savings Bank created by Eduardo Aguirre and Javier Mosaz arquitectos.
If the original concept say to identify this building as a live organism in movment,my first thoughts been quite different,I saw in my mind this structures as the ending parts of a sea cliff,enough for wrote some lines and evidence this amazing and inspiring location.


2 responses to “æsthetics reflection

  1. It is an amazing work of modern contemporary architecture. You say its a local savings bank, right? It must be the bank’s headquarters. Seems too extravagant for just a simple branch of a bank.

    I can see your point that it does have an organic feel to its structure. The resemblance of some kind of alien exoskeleton. The asymmetrical nature of the exterior support beams gives it also the impression that their grown rather then engineered. Its a great effect. And I can imagine the effect these shapes have on the light that passes through the windows.

    What will be even more impressive in the future is that when they have grown trees near the building. How the naturally crooked lines of the trees will play off the shapes of the building’s exoskeleton.

    Have you been fortunate enough to see the interior of the bank?

    Anyway? I hope that you keep this blog regularly up dated as I’m intrigued with what next you might be writing about.

    Thanks for the link to the IMDb Art Board. I’m glad I got to see your blog.

    • Dear Stephen I read about this outstanding piece of art named CAJA VITAL BUILDING over a italian magazine named Estetica e Design,unforunately never been there live ,the retouching pictures that I posted on my blog are taken with a deep research on the Net,I hope that been good for understand this piece of art!
      I read that is a local saving bank ,headquarter,I read that inside there are some of other great arch things…amazing discover.I love IMDB so we will keep in touch more often,thanks for have follow my dream!

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