Back from Vacations

Just back from Vacations..7 Days of total relax in the places that I love, I loved the sea this year ,water was so hot, so clean,I also tested my KODAK Z1012Is and I found it great,great tool for paint with light…so here some pictures and the link for share with you my emotions and experiences!


5 responses to “Back from Vacations

  1. I really love the color in the lights of your first photograph. Am I correct in assuming its a long exposured shot? And if so, did you need a tripod or did your camera compensate for any hand movement/seemingly inevitable shaking or are you well practiced and really darn good in photography?

    Is that the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic or another body of water?

    • Dear Sthepen Thank you for your Post ,yes is a long time exposure set at 2.5 Seconds on manual mode at IS0 64,I had leave my tripod at home so I put the camera over a rock and I found the right balance for shot with self timer set a 2.5 second.The picture was taken in Portovenere La Spezia 17 August 2009 Mediterranean sea as you note.

  2. I guess its in the Mediterranean. Answered one of my own questions as I just sat the keywords that I missed before I sent that last comment. Please forgive me my carelessness, its 3:01 AM in NYC and clearly I’m in need of sleep. If and when you see this, have a wonderful morning and a good day. Hopefully, I will keep returning to read your blog on a regular basis.

    • Please no problem about your questions please ask me what you wish,thanks for read me,please take a tour on my blog start reading from August 2008,you will understand what I love.I’m so glad about our friendship,please let me say to have a good nite…keep in touch back soon!

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