I think It was early 2005 when surfing on IMDB I met Rick Eager,this guy from Norman(OK) is a genius,expecially for be able to understand my english then for understand my Ideas my obsessions and my intutions about a subject,so we started a long and detailed exchange of ideas by email and THE INTERSEXION born as treatment then registerd at WGAw(Writers Guild of America West #1071848).
Now,After almost four years, after an amazing job by Rick,the 11 pages treatmenttake a shape on a big 121 pages Screenplay click here –> (The Intersexion).
Finally we are proud to annouce that our Story got a proper format and is available for be read on


Upgrade 2013 ;I lost Rick, but I never lost my hopes about this idea,for me it was a serious dark noir action thriller,can’t be only just a Comedy… I have an example with an awful movie named Flypaper that in part “stolen” our idea.


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