Outstanding 2k9 to everybody

So this is the end of that “weird” 2k8,since 27 august my wordpress was read more than 2300 times and thats great, thats important because I like see that I have some of intresting to say;Thank you may be a great New Year Eve.
So I ‘ll stay in my house with parents,friends for a super dinner,then around midnite lets be show, I got some “fireworks” to lit ,to be more technical I got also to lit in outstanding security measures some explosive devices named Aspide 1 and Atomic 6,the first device got 33.6 grams of explosive active masses the second 48.5 grams of explosive active masses,both impressive expecially for shock wave,that should turn pale Wile E.Coyote and his Acme Devices.The right way for wash the dirt of the old year and clean making room for the newer coming…

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