G-force is a measurement of an object’s acceleration expressed in gs,its name implies, popularly imagined to refer to the force that an accelerating object “feels”.
This prequel is reffering to the unexpected G-meeting had with Chris ,on early hours of a quiet sunny sunday afternoon,accepting his invite to put my ass inside his black BMW M6 ,an unknow object since that time;(except admirng one similar but white on Miami Vice Final gunfight’scene)miamivice645
Breaking of a little some speed limits with a necessary safe drive, been the fastest 10 Minutes of my life,I really appreciate the Control,the Brakes, the Power and the confort of this rocket…V10 5000cc 400/507CV with selectable button…
When I put my feet on the ground I said “thanks for the Ride(Thanks God)” and Chris smiling tell me ,“watch my video so you will understand better what I mean for speed”(I thought expecially in which kind of madness you’re addicted)


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