Alienated Requiem

Despite a brief show into Italian movie theatres I was able to watch this Film many months ago and recently I was lucky to grab a copy of AVP-R DVD Special Edition.
In a few words,be patient for my english I would say,that’s not a grotesque Film as somebody called, I saw worst shit ,according me it could lack on editing ,but apart that my first approach was discreet and keep me on the edge; I don’t like be upstream without a valid reason but I really like give back to caeser what is caesar’s, and this x-over movie coming from a popular comic book franchise released now on a great unrated edition really deserve a special mention;so after a careful second vision on DvD (don’t miss the great bonus dvd N°2) I feel to stress that at least it worth considered for the outstanding æsthetics, terrific special effects “full of realism” by Hydraulx ,starring Ian White,Tom Woodruff & Alec Gillis;so the use of Animatronics mixed with not paradoxical CGI effects under the good direction of the brothers Greg and Colin Strause really works. AVP-R keeps its originality homaging with a series of hidden highlights from the previous 2 Fox Franchise(with particular refferring to Cameron’s Aliens) , moments remastered and recap , under the geniality of colorist Kenny Becker(No country for old men,Ali) and Chaisaw Massacre’s cinematographer Daniel C. Pearl ASC’s(Sperhical Panavision Super 35-2.35:1 converted) so famous camera angles , famous original sound effects and soundtracks cues (by very inspired composer Brian Tyler) make their great part dissolving in to a good script written by Shane Salerno, where beautiful badass Hybrid Predalien rules and also women & childs must die.
The greatest challenge of this underrated installment was combine sci-fi elements in to a current contest, Alien been always shown on space/future background , Predators had hell’s jungle and a very post Modern Metropolis,so REQUIEM at first could’t fit but at the end had seen everybody set in to a shadowed small town , a town close to my real/domestic contest, had seen a face to face with Xenomorph Alien come from saloon door of kitchen’s restaurant or the same HR Giger ‘s creature hiding in to the darkness watching us through a house’s window ,all that stuffs hunted by a pissed Predator , really disoriented my feelings…but still clear for enjoy and found a reason for say that I really liked this gore horror action sci-fi film.


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