My HandPaints

SOLITUDE(1991) She’s My best company,at the begin ,watercolour on paper



ALIEN(1997) My homage to HR Giger,watercolour on paper


The K-night This was made on 1998 Deeply Inspired by THE KEEP,WaterColour on Paper

ORCA (1999) my favourite creature on my favourite light,watercolour on paper

(1999)DEFINITELY NEW YORK for my cousin living in Manhattan

FOR DEBBIE(2001) For My friend singer living in L.A. Debbie Diamond of the Januaries,watercolour on paper

ALBA 2002 Admitted at Italian Navy Contest,I’m a Navy’s Painter


BERTONE(2003) ,this was my way to say THANK YOU the Bertone After Sale Manager for help to fix my new car (on warranty) made by Bertone Factory,skipping dealer red tape,then I visited all the factory and all the production process,October 2003,was really a great experience,watercolour on paper.

Genova Christ(2006-08),was made for a friend of mine into his house in Genova,he had this door on yard free and ask me to free my mind and my hand…was an hard job,expecially drawing the “hands”,reviewed and completed on August 2k8,Acrylic Colour on wall

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