Fragment of Vacation Part 3

Portovenere’s Church,photo taken with Kodak P880 24mm F 5.6 200 Asa 8″

Promentory with candles,lighting by a metal halide lamp,photo taken with Kodak P880

I been lucky to stay in Portovenere (La Spezia Liguria)till after Midnite,when masses are far from the set,I was still lucky to grab with my camera (this last with Canon A620)the pure atmospehere of the Festival of the White virgin Mary, an event held since 1200 AD every 17 August: after sunset, in the light of torches, the statue of the white-dressed virgin Mary is carried along the San Pietro promontory.
All around comes alive in burning torches. The bay is filled with ships. Horns blare, music is everywhere and folks celebrate another wonderful day in this fairy tale like seaside village.

This picture(that with Canon A620) show myself or better my pointofview,I was walk on stairs for reach the top of the hill,where I parked my car,I was take a break on the deep dark of this sort of alley just lighting by a sodium light,look at the horizon I can’t notice a line of streetlamps,that’s Versilia Forte dei Marmi and Viareggio 20 miles of sodium streetlamps,the lighting ship in the middle of the sea made the rest.


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