Public Enemies

publicenemiesposterORIGINAL POSTER

Fan’s Poster by IMDB Namo5 User(Dillinger’s pict supply/suggested by myself)


Johnny Deep and Michael Mann

Shot from Public Enemies’s set Chris Bale as Melvin Purvis

Johnny Deep as John Dillinger on his Way

Public Enemies is Shot by Dante Spinotti ASC on F23 Sony Cinealta Technology,featured 2/3″ CCD with Wide color gamut 14 bit Analog Digital Converter;used firstly by Spinotti on Clairmont System in to Michael Mann ‘s Nike commercial (Leave Nothing )that camera can obtain sharper denser image with considerable dynamic color range. The F23 capture at chroma subsampling 4:4:4 1920×1080 but work also at 60 fps with 4:2:2 settings and can be linked to HDcam SR for record image.Really a first class camera with a stunning sensivity without expense of noise if compared to other cameras of this category,the real sign that we’re reached a turning point to maturity on Digital Cinematography

Lightings work; The Sun shine in  cops office  The pre-production’s work about the look was quite complex ,Dante approach to HD was really intresting supported by Michael Mann that was fascinated by test results.There was a lot of night work also on ext.locations;for interioros was tested some unique lighting techniques as been used as 12’x12′ frame strung with x-mas lights to create large source with multiple highlights,then added grid to the backsidfe for a very subtle ambient bouce(Same technique used on Deception).There was a test on computer tweeked the sodium vapor OUT,many of that kind of light come from available location’s lights,tests over panavison,canon,fujinon,zeiss and angnenieux lenses centred on colour tweeking and simple definition test,headlight’s car test and polarized filter tests by Rosco that does windows; “Constant fussing with hard gels over windows and changing out various strengths of ND filters won’t be part of your shooting regimen if you buy into Rosco View” The two-part system consists of a wide-width polarizer filter in gel form and a matching optical-glass polarizer camera filter. Using the two together, you can control exterior brightness as seen through windows without affecting the lighting and exposure within the studio or set. By simply rotating the camera filter, you can change the degree of cross-polarization viewable on the window where Rosco View gel filter is placed. Rosco claims you’ll have only one stop of compensation at the camera. Then the Production used various gels packs to mimic every different light quality know to man,from sodium vapor,to sodium HOT,to fluoro green/blue/red/orange/yellow,to day light early/mid/late,to moonlight,to incandescent,halogen,very different source for understand the way for weight the light and his response on HD. In the name of “Chaos Mean Cash” Camera test been close to 16 Hrs a day,expecially concering makeup test over actors. A stunning Gunfight by nite shadowed by a oscillating tree under only a sodium lamp in Chicago’s alley is the pure example how this time our authors go-ahead with HD and its capability to keep details in low lights levels.

After Briefing , Dante Spinotti up First on Letf and Johnny Deep below greet fans.. Dante Spinotti Public EnemiesDante Spinotti

Bryan Carrol Co Producer


My Music Inspired by Public Enemies edit on cdr,just for fun…

  • Cavallino BRIAN ENO
  • Rachel Song VANGELIS
  • One More Kiss Dear VANGELIS
  • La Vie En Rose EDITH PIAF
  • The Way it is NICOLE ATKINS
  • Somewherenothere ALPHA
  • Gray Cloud Over N.Y. PHILIP GLASS
  • Romance Anonimo – Forbidden Games NARCISO YEPES
  • Dance of the Knights OP. 64 PROKOFIEV
  • 1% Of Monster MOGWAI
  • Oort MURCOF
  • Ruido MURCOF
  • O Fortuna Carmina Burana OROFF
  • Requiem “Dies Irae” VERDI
  • BWV565 J.S. BACH
  • Symphonic Interlude cavalleria rusticana MASCAGNI
  • Skies for Nash JULY SKIES
  • Stop Coming to my house MOGWAI
  • Bolero RAVEL
  • BELA BARTOK Sonata for Piano Pz 80
  • ROGER ENO Fleeting Smile
  • LISA GERRARD Space Weaver

MANHATTAN MEMORIES  SOUNDTRACK (show  at Biograph Theater)

  • “The Bad in Every Man (Blue Moon)” (1934) (uncredited) Music by Richard Rodgers Lyrics by Lorenz Hart Sung by Shirley Ross at the Cotton Club Reprised as background music for the death house scene
  • “What’s the Matter With Father” (1910) (uncredited) Lyrics by Harry Williams Music by Egbert Van Alstyne Played aboard the steamboat in the first scene
  • “Sidewalks of New York” (1894) (uncredited) Music by Charles Lawlor Lyrics by James W. Blake Played aboard the steamboat and danced by the patrons
  • “Long, Long Ago” (1883) (uncredited) Written by Thomas Haynes Bayley Played as background music when the 1907 intertitle is shown
  • “Academic Festival Overture in C, Opus 80” (uncredited) Written by Johannes Brahms Played as background music when Jim Wade gets his law degree
  • “Mary Had a Little Lamb” Traditional children’s melody Played as background music in the montage showing years going by
  • “The Man That Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo” (uncredited) Written by Fred Gilbert Played as background music for the first scene in the casino
  • “Heart’s Wounds” from “Two Elegiac Melodies, Op. 34” Music by Edvard Grieg Played when Eleanor tells Jim she has to leave him



1. Ten Million Slaves – Otis Taylor
2. Chicago Shake – The Bruce Fowler Big Band
3. Drive To Bohemia – Elliot Goldenthal
4. Love Me or Leave Me – Billie Holiday
5. Billie’s Arrest – Elliot Goldenthal
6. Am I Blue? – Billie Holiday
7. Love In The Dunes – Elliot Goldenthal
8. Bye Bye Blackbird – Diana Krall
9. Phone Call To Billie – Elliot Goldenthal
10. Nasty Letter – Otis Taylor
11. Plane To Chicago – Elliot Goldenthal
12. O Guide Me Thou Great Jehova – Indian Bottom Association, Old Regular Baptists
13. Gold Coast Restaurant – Elliot Goldenthal
14. The Man I Love – Billie Holiday
15. JD Dies – Elliot Goldenthal
16. Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground Blind – Willie Johnson

Music for my ears ,words for my mind(American Cinematographer VOL 90 N°7)My Soundtrack Review
Me & JohnnyII
19 Days left..


8 responses to “Public Enemies

    • Viola,Thanks for follow me here after imdb and thanks so much for your your kind words,I’m trying to do the best putting my passions…
      About Public Enemies “mysoundtrack” just put here what I “felt” in these months ,just finish a cdr and thats great….

  1. Hi,
    I really love the vid with the shadowy branches and the unseen bullets. Was that just someone filming and got the shot by accident? Also you should check out two tracks by Strings of Consciousness on their myspace. 1. Repriprocessing 2,Crests and Watersheds. of consciousness

  2. Hi Viola
    About PE video,probably somebody shot by accident this great clip…but due some angles could think me that someone(production) permit to do that…
    For what concern the group mentioned String of Cous.. I liked RECIPROCESSING ,this track got some of Tom Rotchrock’s Collateral…Crest and Watersheds the sound and melody bring me to some old Mark Isham tunes…

  3. Hey Fabio,
    You must be very impatient waiting for PE. I hope you won’t be disappointed with the music. I saw a show on Australian TV about Lisa Gerrard last year. She lives in a remote part of the Australian countryside. She is very ethereal isn’t she?

  4. Dear I will not be disappointed…it will be just another lesson…I’m totally deaf blind about Proibition Era/30’s and how could be represented in to a feature(except have seen The Untouchables-Billy Bathgate-Fist and other films)

    Yea Lisa speak with the soul of their listeners…

    Anyway..seem that you know a lot about PE,please talk to me

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